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Seagate Consultants is a contingency-based recruiting firm focusing on the Health Information Management field. Founded in 1989 by Susan Parker, M.Ed., RHIA.

Monthly Tips

Reverse Your Thinking!

A resume is not a chronological list of your employment and education.  It’s a tool to get the reader to want to talk with you.  Think like an employer.  It’s more important to the reader to know you’re currently a Coding Manager than it is to know your first job was a part time outpatient coder.  So reverse the chronological order of your jobs – start with your CURRENT JOB first.  Do the same with your education – lead with the most recent or relevant degree or credential. For example:


June 2009-Present    Johnson City Community Hospital, Anytown, TX

Coding Manager

One or two word description

Three to five bullets

August 2003-May 2009   Terrytown Regional Medical Center, Big City, Illinois

Lead Coder

3-4 bullets


May 2003  Bachelors,  Health Information Management

Wrightsboro University,  Mytown, Indiana

May 2001 Associate, Health Information Technology

Wrightsboro Community College, Mytown, Indiana


Registered Health Information Management, RHIA

Registered Health Information Technology, RHIT

It’s a little thing to switch the order you may have listed on your resume, but it will make a HUGE difference to the potential employer or Human Resource person screening resumes for the hiring manager.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Defining Integrity

Integrity, the word alone speaks of respect and trust. But integrity is an interesting quality, one easy to have until you need it.

You will NOT know it when you see it. You WILL know it when you don’t see it.

Integrity is non-negotiable.

Why it matters: Collaborative decisions in today’s healthcare arena are dependent on every link in the chain being trusted explicitly.

Consistent change, means innovation and creativity. But not everyone is enthusiastic about change. People get pushed into situations where they misrepresent, in an attempt to provide the solution you want them to provide. Be aware and help employees and peers with adaptability in a culture full of stress and change.

Acknowledge your trust in others. It’s empowering and fosters solid integrity.

Interview With A Plan

Interviews should always have one goal in mind – discerning if this is the right person/the right job. If you’re a candidate, it’s hard. Just read a great article by Larry Wang, CEO of Wang & Li Asia Resources “4 Levels of Communicating How Good You Are in a Job Interview”. The take-away for those of us in HIM: Don’t just showcase your achievements, explain how this happened. You want to think about this before the interview, what you bring to their table isn’t past accomplishments, but the skill to do great things in the NEW position, based on the foundation of your past success. Your stellar resume wasn’t because the stars were in perfect alignment, show them what you did to make things work out, how you overcame common problems to achieve your goal. THIS is what hiring officials are looking for.

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